Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yo we're faggots

Day off in Burbank, Ca spending the day with our friend Robert and hanging around Sunset Boulevard and climbing the Hollywood sign. Robert has a really fat cat and it's awesome. There has been alot of great cats on this tour. Yeterday we played in Thousand Palms, Ca and we got Living With Lions on the show last minute which was fun, cool dudes. We might take a trip to...I'm not sure where but Brand New has a free show tonight at some university so yeah, that might be the plan. We also have alot of fireworks and so does Defeater, a war is stirring up on the horizon. April Fool's day Eric stole Defeaters van and hid it. HA! Fuck you.

We have quickly fallen in love with the guys in Defeater. Energy/Defeater world tour soon.

No but really, we are going to be on tour for the later couple weeks of this May with The Mongoloids and we will have info on that posted soon so keep an eye out! Also possibly some bigger plans for this summer, we are hoping they work out because it would be the greatest tour the world has ever known if it happens.

Check our YouTube channel to the right of this blog for new videos from this tour!

Also, check out an interview with our faggot lead singer xTANKxSUCKSxDICKx here! -

Fuck you.

OH, p.s. - All the times we used "faggot" in this update is %100 a joke and we still can't believe that some people in the world actually use it as a real insult.