Left to right: Jeremy, Tank, Kevin, Conor, Chris
Photo by Steve Mailing

Energy is a rock band known for their dynamic, incendiary live performances and original music that combine the hard driving elements of punk and rock, with melodic, hook-driven vocals and introspective lyrics. Since the bands start in 2006 they have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to turn heads in the very changing music scene.

Energy released their debut album, Punch the Clock (Rock Vegas Records) in 2006.

Punch The Clock (2006)

The album, and extensive supporting tour of the US, were critically well received and quickly earned the band a fanatical and dedicated following.

The follow-up to Punch The Clock, Invasions of the Mind (Bridge 9 Records), was released 2008. 

Invasions Of The Mind (2008)

The music on the album was a departure from their previous effort, both in terms of the sound and lyrical content, having a darker and more personal tone. Whereas Punch The Clock was recorded with a raw, live feel, the band took advantage of the studio resources for this album to create a more textured/layered sound.
After the 2010 release of Walk In To The Fire (Bridge 9 Records), the band took a break from touring, but have returned to promote their highly anticipated 2013 album, New Worlds Of Fear. 

New Worlds Of Fear (2013)

The album is, in a sense, a continuation of Invasions Of The Mind. With the help of Producer Chris Curran, the band has achieved their biggest sound and best production quality to date. 

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