Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hey, it's Tank:

Ever since last year, we've been saving up money here and there to record a new song for you every once in a while, and we always end up just giving the music away for free. We love being able to give you new music and have it cost you nothing.
This is what we plan on doing with this E.P. as well, but it's not cheap - and we never profit from this.
The E.P. will consist of 5 newly recorded tracks. The track listing is as follows
1. Intro
2. New Worlds Of Fear
3. Dead In Dreamland (Punk version)
4. The Shadowlands
5. Pet Sematary (Ramones cover)
I know a lot of our fans have been begging for us to finally record our version of Pet Sematary, so this is your chance to help make that happen. This will be released on CD as well as digitally.

What We Need & What You Get

We need $1,500 (300 a track) to record this new E.P. We're aiming for $1,600 so that after Indiegogo takes their cut of this, we'll still have enough to record.
No matter what, if you contribute - you receive something. Check out some of the perks.
If we don't reach our entire goal, the funds will go towards recording regardless, but we'll have to cut a song or two based on how much we fall short...but let's hope we won't even have to worry about that!

The Impact

Just recentlhy we raised $150 in less than 8 hours to record our song "25 Holidays". Our friends over at Rose Glen Entertainment helped us out and made a video for it as well. Without the help of generous donations like that, we couldn't do any of this. We're on our own label now. No one is paying our way. We NEED your help on this.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, that's fine! We understand. If you can't contribute but still want to help us out, spread this link around everywhere you can. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, message boards, etc. This needs to be seen by as many people as possible, or else it might not come to fruitiion....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 Returns...

There wasn't a single post made on this website in 2012, and most of 2011, but I wanted to bring this site back as a way to offer a one stop, everything-Energy site. Our latest music, videos, tour dates, and more will be posted here first.

Since our last post in 2011 there have been massive lineup changes (as usual), we've released some new music - all of which you can hear over at

...and late last year I even got to do an acoustic set with Michale Graves!

Photo by Meaghan Casey

But yeah - on to what's next for the band in 2013:

Photo by Steve Mailing

Down For Anything Records is putting out an official cassette tape release for "Another Yesterday/25 Holidays", so for those of you who are like me and still enjoy collecting physical music - keep an eye out for this:

New music:

We're slowly working on writing and recording a new album, but it won't be released in the conventional way you may be accustomed to. Basically we're recording and releasing songs as soon as we're able to financially/as soon as they're written. Whether that means a new single every few months, a few songs at once, an E.P. within an L.P. type of thing, etc. I have a few songs written, and am still working on others. This album will be self titled. I have no idea when it will be "complete", but you will be hearing new music from us on a regular basis nonetheless. I hope I'm explaining this in a way that's easy to understand. This isn't a "concept" album or anything like that, it's just the easiest way for us to put together an album. I want it to be self titled because I want it to represent all of our sounds, styles, and influences, but more importantly to truly represent what I believe to be ALL of the sounds of this band. Some of the poppiest stuff we've ever done, some of the darkest, and even some of the heaviest. Everything that this band is all about to me, will be represented in this collection of songs that
I'm working on assembling. Piece by piece, new tracks will be uploaded to


We have a few shows coming up in the next month: 

The first of which is this Friday, January 11th at Bogart's in Bridgewater, MA. Former Energy drummer (Punch The Clock), and current BearTrap vocalist Mike Assatly will be playing drums, and our drummer Kevin will be playing bass because Conor won't be able to play this particular show. Here is the Facebook event page:, and here is the flier:

The second show is going to be just me (Tank) playing an acoustic set at President's Rock Club in Quincy, MA on Thursday, January 17th. This is a special showing of "All Ages: The Boston Hardcore Film"( Here is the Facebook event page: and here is the flier:

The third show we have lined up is going to be "Frostbite Fest" on February 2nd (Groundhog Day) at 3065 Live in Wareham, MA. Here is the Facebook event page: and here is the flier:

I think that's all the news there is for right now. Hopefully we can release some new music sooner than later, and hopefully we can even organize some kind of east coast tour in the spring...stay tuned for more details! ~ Tank

Performance edit of "Another Yesterday"

"Some Kinda Hate" Acoustic